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About Us

The Low Carb Living Group is a food innovation business that creates and manufactures enhanced nutrition products including healthy low carb baking mixes to help consumers feel their best.

As the creators of Protein Bread – Australia’s First and Lowest Carb Bread, back in 2010, we know first hand that people are looking for better, healthier options and now see food as an integral part of their health. Our Innovation Team create our products using natural, low carb, Aussie ingredients, which are then sold across our 3 brands at a range of price points and nutritional levels to suit all dietary requirements, from the professional athlete, to the busy mum wanting to provide the best to her family. We manufacture from our two HACCP accredited facilities in Sydney with distribution around the country into leading retailers and also online, direct to consumers in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S through our e-commerce platforms.

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Our Brands
The Protein Bread Company The Protein Bread Company

The Protein Bread Company

The Protein Bread Co is an athlete inspired brand created for professional and everyday athletes looking for premium, natural fuel to power their performance.

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Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen

Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen

Our no added sugar, low carb, gluten free baking mixes give the joy of baking back to families and individuals who are looking at making healthier choices.

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Our Big Goal

Inspire 50 million people globally by the year 2021 to make better food choices, helping them feel and be their best!

Our Founders
Anna Hopkins – General Manager

Anna Hopkins –
General Manager

Anna has a diverse background including 10 years leadership with global food retailer McDonalds. Transitioning smoothly from corporate to startup – Anna founded the health focused Whole Meal Café in 2010 where she created Protein Bread, Australia’s Lowest Carb Bread. Successfully selling the Café in 2014 she Co-Founded The Low Carb Living Group.

Growing up in regional Australia, Anna is passionate about incorporating sustainable natural ingredients into healthy products for everyday consumers. Like most females, Anna wants to feel her best in a bikini on the beach, yet also has a weakness for cocktails and canapés!

After experiencing the positive impact that low carb foods have on her body, mind and life she is excited to be able to guide and inspire people all around the world to also experience these benefits for themselves, and feel better than they ever dreamed they could.

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Luke Hopkins – CTO

Luke Hopkins –

Luke, after leaving school at just 15 to pursue his passion for marketing, soon after started his own successful agency – which he ran for 9 years before co-founding The Low Carb Living Group in 2014.

He now combines his passion for leveraging technology to enhance organisations with his background in marketing and communications to help drive towards his ultimate vision of helping make Australians fitter, stronger and healthier.

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Aaron Wallace - CEO

Aaron Wallace –

With a background in corporate finance and accounting, Aaron is passionate about the power of business to change people’s lives. He lives our ‘Eat Well, Feel Great’ motto daily and values the mental clarity and energy he gains from living low carb.

When he’s not at work, you will find him at boot-camp, training for his next trail run or reading.

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